Size: 2 1/2 inches
Each will be intuitively chosen for you!

 Known as the oldest allegorical symbol in alchemy, the ouroboros represents the concept of eternity and endless return, as well as the unity of time’s beginning and end . A snake eating it's own tail symbolizes the simultaneous feeding and destruction of ones self. It is a reconfiguration of the infinity symbol and tororidal energy, which feeds upon itself to generate.

These polished Selenite palm stones have a heavenly fiber-optic glow to them that makes them intriguing to look at and calming to hold. Selenite is known as one of the only stones that does not hold onto energies, positive or negative. This makes Selenite the perfect meditating and healing stone, as it will clear and neutralize any excess energies that you may be harboring.

Etched Infinite Ouroborus Selenite Palm Stone