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Sapphire & Sage

Cleansing Spray 4-Pack

Cleansing Spray 4-Pack

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Having trouble choosing? Take 'em all and pick your favorite.

Lavender & Sage: distilled water, witch hazel, clary sage essential oil, lavender essential oil, and amethyst crystal chip. Expertly crafted, this spray is ideal for purifying any environment, removing negative energy. Use as frequently as desired, or start each day with a refreshing mist.

Palo Santo: distilled water, witch hazel, Palo Santo, peppermint, ginger, fennel essential oils, and clear quartz chips. Use it to cleanse and bring positive energy and new beginnings to your space. For best results, spray daily at the start of each day.

Protection: Enhance protection and establish a fortified shield with Protection Cleansing Spray. distilled water, lavender, patchouli, fir needle, neroli, cedarwood, black obsidian chips. Black obsidian chips, known for their protective and grounding properties, amplify the spray's effectiveness.

Sandalwood: distilled water, witch hazel, sandalwood essential oil, vanilla essential oil, and tigers eye crystal chip, has been expertly crafted to promote relaxation and relieve anxiety. With the use of sandalwood, a popular ingredient for calming the mind for centuries, this spray is perfect for setting a relaxing atmosphere in any space.

All bottles are 2 ounces.



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Customer Reviews

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Alek M.

This is the second time I've bought from Sapphire & Sage and I absolutely love their stuff. Their mystery boxes where they choose are always so spot on with what I need in the moment, that sometimes I don't even realize I needed it until I have it. They have such a unique and fun collection that I adore. I recommend them 100%.

Tamira Roberson

My lil sis loves her gift! Thank you!