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Sapphire & Sage

WE CHOOSE: Crystal Intuition Box

WE CHOOSE: Crystal Intuition Box

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**All buyer input must be entered into the 

"Order special instructions" section on the cart page.**


Our Crystal Intuition Boxes offer two options tailored to you:

1. **$55 Crystal Intuition Box**

- Carefully curated selection of high-quality items.

- Perfect for those seeking a delightful surprise without breaking the bank.

- Ideal for adding a touch of magic to your day.

2. **$100 Crystal Intuition Box**

- Elevate your experience with a premium assortment of handpicked treasures.

- Indulge in a richer variety of crystals, bracelets, candles, herb bundles, and more.

- For those craving a more immersive journey into self-discovery.

**The Personal Touch**

At checkout, you have the power to shape your Crystal Intuition Box experience. Share your current vibe, thoughts, or preferences in the "Order special instructions" section on the cart page, and we'll customize your box accordingly. Whether it's a favorite color, a specific state of mind, future goals, or just the joy of a surprise, your notes guide our intuitive selection process.

**Our Intuition, Your Delight**

For those who prefer a mystery within a mystery, let us intuitively craft your box for you. It's a chance to surrender to the unknown.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jennifer Fulk

I loved every single piece that was sent to me! I can’t wait to order more from you!


Absolutely amazing quality crystals! Loved everything

Emily Hastings
Wonderful mystery box

Loved everything that came with so much care and attention to detail