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Sapphire & Sage

Crystal Mini Dragon Head

Crystal Mini Dragon Head

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Measuring 1.25 inches in length.

Amethyst: Stress melts away, peace.
Black Obsidian: Release negativity, ground your spirit.
Blue Aventurine: Speak with calm clarity, find your peaceful voice.
Blue Que Sera: Embrace the flow, wisdom guides your path.
Clear Quartz: Boost your intentions, amplify your inner light.
Green Aventurine: Attract abundance, manifest.
Green Fluorite: Heal your heart, open to love.
Kiwi Jasper: Balance your energy, vitality flows within.
Opalite: New beginnings, healing
Purple Fluorite: Tap your creativity, let your ideas fly.
Red Que Sera: Ignite your passion, take a bold step forward.
Silver Sheen Obsidian: Protect your aura, intuition becomes a shield.
Sodalite: Sharpen your intuition, speak your truth with confidence.
Tree agate: Grow your wealth, stability.
Yooperlite: Find joy in every step, optimism.

*Opalite is man-made

**Bundle of 1-Each is dependent on what we have in stock.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Ordered the aventurine dragon head but received a raven head instead .

Julieta Diaz

Love my crystals! They arrived quick and they look beautiful ❤️❤️