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YOU CHOOSE: Crystal Mystery Box

YOU CHOOSE: Crystal Mystery Box

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YOU CHOOSE: Pick 1 of 45 boxes held in a beautiful apothecary case in our studio. Each crystal box is curated with intuitively handpicked gems for their radiating wisdom and beauty. Check back often to see if we've restocked!

**If you have any input on what you do or don't want (e.g. no pink bracelets), please enter it into the   "Order special instructions" section on the cart page. The box will depend on what we have in stock but we'll do our best!**

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Customer Reviews

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All really good items, for the box as a gift for my sister and she loved it all.


This was the first time I have ever ordered from sapphire & sage!! These were such beautiful and quality pieces!! Shipping was quick and the packaging was great! I left a note with my order and they did a great job picking pieces that matched me! Will definitely be ordering from here again!!


First time purchasing from Sapphire & Sage. I left it to chance and just picked a number with no other information. Today, I received my package and I'm absolutely speechless!! The quality of these crystals are unmatched, everything came perfectly wrapped and secure. The crystals that I received were exactly what I needed. I will definitely be ordering from them again

L Sanderson
Mystery box #2

Every thing inside the box was beautiful was not disappointed at all will be ordering again the delivery was also timely as well. Lovely products.

Good quality imperfects

Definitely some cute pieces, and for the price I absolutely expected imperfects. This doesn’t bother me as I wanted to check out the shop, but think it should be disclosed, especially for newer buyers.

The lavender jade bracelet is super cute, there’s a precious green aventurine dragon head, a lovely candle and a cool (though off center) selenite plate.

The black moss agate moon is really pretty, but unfortunately has some bruising on the prettier of the two sides. It also appears one tip might have been cracked and repaired but I literally only noticed it because I was looking closely at the flowers. Wouldn’t have stopped me from buying it individually, and the polish on it is lovely outside of the bruise.

The one that kills me is the lepidolite tower - it was cut uneven on the bottom so it leans pretty significantly when set down (luckily not enough to fall!). It’s also a little lower polish than I prefer but that doesn’t bother me as much as the lean.

All in all a cute box of imperfects that I have no qualms about paying $35 at all. It’s a definitely a great starter box for someone beginning a collection!